Our Girls!

Silver and Goldens

DjaVuPurrs' Rat-Kat 
   Shaded Silver
  Exotic Shorthair

 DjaVuPurrs' Kamellia Reign
Shaded Golden (Dilute Carrier)

This little girl looks exactly like her dad, but with the eyes of her momma... She is a outgoing and friendly girl, she loves nibbles on toes and hiding under the couch just to attack your ankles as you walk by.


Whites and Bi-colors

 DjaVuPurr's Miss NoName
Blue-Eyed Dilute Calico Van (Chocolate/Lilac Carrier)
Exotic Longhair

Ms. Noname is our first Blue-Eyed Bicolor born here... She is such a sweet cat but does have an attitude! She is a child's cat, she loves children and will follow my youngest around like a puppy. When we are looking for one, we can find both right at the same place! She absolutely love children and sleeps in the bed with my daughter.


LilLyn's Bopeep of DjaVuPurrs
Solid White Odd-Eyed (Masking Tortieshell)

This girl is such an amazing addition to our family...  She is a sweetheart and so gentle. My 2 year old have claimed her as her own kitty and they fell in love at first sight.  

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