The Pre-Paid Deposit Program is for the new families that are searching to adopt a desired color and gender that we do not have available at the time of search but will produce the desired color and gender in the near future. New families can place a $50 deposit at anytime for a kitten from our upcoming litters.  Those with pre-paid deposits will be notified when new babies are here.

Benefits of being on our Pre-Paid Waiting List.

Kitten announcements and pictures will be posted on our page when kittens are born.

If the particular color and gender kitten is born, your kitten will ALREADY be reserved and held for you.

Weekly updates, pictures, and videos of your kitten will be viewable on our private blog so you can watch them grow with us.

You will have the ability to choose your kitten before they are made available to those who are not on the Pre-Paid Waiting List.

Those on this list will be allowed to choose their kitten in the order that the deposits are received.

Deposits are non-refundable but they never expire. You will remain on the waiting list until you choose your kitten.

Pre-Paid Deposit and all deposits will be applied toward the adoption fee of the kitten that you choose.

Kitten parents can share special moments and pictures of kitten on our blog and youtube!!

Please Note!: When the babies are born and you have choose your kitten, the full deposit will be due when the kitten are 1-2 weeks old.      
Pet deposits are $50-200 and Show/Breeder Deposit are $500. The full deposit is not required until you have choose your kitten. 

All kittens will have to be paid in full on the day you come pick up your new baby, or by the time the kitten is ready to be shipped.

*Breeder reserves the right to first pick from any litter for personal our program.*

Please provide your name and phone number when calling and/or emailing us.  (It is BEST to email or text us! around this time of the year!)

You may contact us by email at:  
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