We do our best to be reasonable in pricing our lovely kittens. So please keep in mind, we price according to their quality, bloodline and what we have in to raise and keep our babies healthy!

Each kitten is priced differently based on bloodline and quality. Our babies are generally qualified in three different categories ranging from pet, and occasionally show, and breeder quality.  This will also determine the cost of the kitten/cat.

We on occasionally place kittens with show/breeder rights, but only if the kitten's quality is close to the CFA breed standard.

Please keep in mind when searching for a new kitten! 

 Whenever we have a kitten that looks to be Show Quality, does not mean it is "Show Quality". I don't claim to have Show quality kittens and sell them as "Show Quality" nor "Breeder Quality", I do not believe in this. My kittens are judged based on the Breed standard too, not just my opinion just to get a higher price!



Delivery Options if required:

I have been asked why Shipping is so expensive and if there is any difference if they can travel to a certain airport, unfortunately shipping cost is the same within United States/Canada. No matter if you live in the right next state to us or all the way over to the other side of the Country, it is going to be the same price for the flight.  

The cost of shipping will covers the following:

Air Flight for kitten to fly, Vet Office/Health Certificate and our gas to the Airport because we have to travel 3 hours (one way) to the Airport.

We also offer to meet new family, for a delivery cost up to 3-4 hours.  We prefer this over shipping if you are also willing to drive to pick-up your new kitten in person - that way we also get the chance to meet our furr-baby's new family. This is less stressful on kittens too!

Please note: 

 If the buyer for any reason decide to back out from purchase after receipt of deposit/money paid, buyer will forfeit all money paid.  We will not refund any money for any reason.  Please make sure you want kitty before sending any money.

If you see a baby you like on our Available Page, please feel free to email, text, or call us and ask any questions you may have.