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We are focus on healthy and quality Exotic Shorthair and Persian.

Specializing in Chinchilla/Shaded Golden and Bi-colors.

DNA tested PKD negative cattery.

FIV and FeLV negative cattery.

We reserve the right to spay and neuter any kitten not purchased for an approved breeding program - before they leave our home. NO exceptions!

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DjaVuPurrs is a Cat Fanciers' Association registered Cattery. We are a small non profit in-home hobby breeder that have limited litters per year, this is not a business for us. We barely break even with all the testings that's required to be sure they are healthy and care they need. My cats and kittens come from some of the best of Grand Champion, Regional and National winning lines of the Persian and Exotic Shorthair that have been PKD DNA tested Negative. 

Most importantly we are breeding for health, temperament and then to meet the standard of the breed. While we do our best to breed closest to the standard as possible and we strive for the breed standard and the look we have a vision for, but we still have doll-face (longer nose) kittens occasionally in both, Persian and Exotic Shorthair. A doll-face baby often is born in a litter or two here and there, no matter what a breeder says - one cannot have all perfect quality babies in every litter, as much as we would LOVE to!

If you would like to know more about our home, our new journey and our cats, please check out our "About Us" and "Our Journey" page.

Thank you for your interests in our furr-babies.

I, the breeder reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
I, the breeder have the right to back out of a sale/agreement at any time for any reason prior to placement.

One of our babies were featured as May 2012's Kitten of the Month!

On Persian Kitten Empire Website!!

One of our babies were featured as September 2014's Kitten of the Month!

                                                  On Persian Kitten Empire Website!! 

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