Cattery Visit?

After the stories I have heard from people, read on the internet. the news, and my own strange experiences I have had, my family and I have decided we will no longer be allowing people off the internet into our home. 

I am sorry but the safely of my kids and furr-kids comes first. They are the ones, I have to protect. If you are a parent of young children (or even old children), you will understand this.

I can meet you (if you are driving distance) with the kittens after they have had their first vaccinations but no touching/handling will be allowed.

If you are not able to meet, kittens can be shown to you on Skype Cam if desired.

I am sorry for this, but the safely of our home is more important than selling a kitten. and I hope you respect and understand my decision.

Thank you for your time and interests in our furr-family.