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Where and How we got started.

Hi, I am located in South Eastern, Kentucky (at this time) and my fiancé is located in Cincinnati, Ohio area due to her work. We travel back and forth to visit often, and when I am going to Ohio for more than two days, I will take my furr-kids with me, so they are well used to traveling and will get in their carrier when I put them down, like they know they're going "byebye".

My parents had raised Himalayan-Persian for years while I was growing up so they've been a part of my life since I was a young kid. I still have a neutered Shaded Silver Persian that's now 18 years old from my parents' last litter of kittens that is still living with me. He is the King of the house and when we are traveling, he does not go in a crate, he will sit in my lap or one of the kids' laps the whole way with occasionally get up to look out the window. (Though I would not recommend this to ANYONE, you must know your cat and must know the limits! not all cats are this laid back and calm)

in 2002, I had decided I wanted to start breeding/showing Persian, but only focus on the color I have admired in the quality of the Persians for a long time, that's the Chinchilla Silver while debating on the Golden... Until, when I first stepped into the Cat Fanciers World and doing my research, I fell in love with a Shaded Golden with the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen on a cat and beautiful golden coat, one look at him had me. It's when I realized, Golden and Silvers were the colors I was going to specialize in and I had done so much research on the lines that I had a vision of creating, and lines particular was Fairisles, and Sunnybeach, both of them lines were amazing (there are more though but they are the ones first caught my eye) but sadly they rarely exist now-a-days. 

But.... I remember going to my very first show in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania years ago (1990) with my parents and was so amazed with all the colors there were in the Persians. But now, the breed have came a long way, the quality of the Silver and Golden is so much different and many new colors are now in the breed than there were back in 1990.

Our goal here at our home,

The lines we're working with, we hope to produce kittens with sweet open expression, small placed ears, smooth heads, heavy boning, correct bite, short cobby body and short tail, big fluffy coats of Clear Golden and Silver, and large round eyes with correct eye color of Green or Blue-Green with with dark eyeliner. This is what we're putting our focus on in this color division and to meet CFA breed Standard while trying our best to improve the health of the breed foremost.

                                                                                    Bi-color Program;  

We hope for the same, with sweet open expression, smooth heads, small placed ears, heavy boning, correct bite, short cobby body and short tail, plushy coats (short) and large round eyes with beautiful color of Blue Eyes and Odd-Eyes. This is a "new journey" for us, but our focus here for our Bi-color is to get the best eye color in Blue and Odd-Eyes and want to produce Van's and Spotless Van's that meets CFA breed Standard while improving the health first.

Unfortunately, my goal in this breed and I'm sure others goal of having these qualities in one kitty, is a challenge for all breeders but it takes time and hard work from serious breeders, to research lines that works well together and everyday a breeder learns something new about their lines. No breeder is a "know it all" even when they would like to think they are and there is ALWAYS a fault in a kitten a breeder want to be better. Keep in mind, no kitten is perfect... YET (haha)

For the health of my cats and kittens, I will not over-breed my girls. Their health is more important to me so I allow my girls birth one-two litter a year. We are a small hobby breeder, it is not-for-profit. For me, raising Persians is a passionate hobby of mine, not a business.

My cats are my kids, they are treated like my own "human" kids and raised and treated like family. My partner and I make sure each of our babies(cats) are well cared for and handled daily, our children love to help and play with our kittens and cats, so this ensure our kittens are well socialized and each have their own personality.

My cats are first and foremost my much loved and pampered family pets. Kittens are raised  with my family and get lots of love, attention, and proper socialization every day from birth till they go to their new homes. 

My cats are NEVER caged. They live freely in my home and sleep in our beds, in our laps, on our couches/chairs, whenever they choose. 

For the health of my cats, I take careful measures to ensure the health of my babies(cats) and kitten's future with proper testing and giving them the best nutrition any cat deserves.

I do my best to provide my cats and kittens with the best life possible. I provide them with a loving and healthy home to ensure new parents that when adopting a new addition from us to join their family, they will get a healthy, good temperament and well socialized kitten.

I'm careful to make certain that my kittens are going to responsible, permit loving homes. I do not believe a buyer has to have a mansion to own one of my kittens but family must be able to offer a happy, healthy, safe and permanent home where the kitten will receive the love and attention it needs to live a long and happy life. Therefore, new family must agree to contact me if they are no longer able to keep/care for kitten/cat at any time of the cat's life, no exceptions.

I, the breeder reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
I, the breeder have the right to back out of a sale/agreement at any time for any reason prior to placement.

Our kittens that are going to pet homes will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving - if some reason the kitten is not spayed/neutered prior to leaving, kitten WILL be sold on spay/neuter agreement by 5 months of age. 

I am always here to offer advice and answer any questions you may have. I care about my babies long after they go to their forever homes. I keep in touch with my kittens' new adoptive parents, I love hearing about our kittens and see pictures as they grow old. 

P.S. I want to thank my partner for helping with the kitties, by loving and caring for our fur-babies as much as our kids and I, do. They help so much in loving the babies as much as I.  I want to thank the wonderful breeder friends for their friendship, teaching their research/genetics and entrusting us with their kitties and we're SOOO excited to begin this journey of improving and starting our own line with the BE/OE Bi-color while still improving our Golden program. So please check back later in the year of 2017 and see the exciting new babies from our future momma's and papa's! Thank you. 

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