All Kittens on available page are considered as "Available"; unless Status states "Reserved". We update our page often so our furr-babies new family can ensure there new addition(s) are reserved for them.


We do our best to be reasonable in pricing our kittens. So please keep in mind, we price according to their quality, bloodline and what we have in to raise, tests and keep our cats and kittens healthy. 

Each kitten is priced differently based on bloodline and quality. Our babies are generally qualified in three different categories ranging from pet, and occasionally show, and breeder quality.  This will also determine the cost of the kitten/cat.

We accept deposits on kittens, usually at around 5 weeks old. Deposits are non-refundable if change of mind.

Non-Refundable Deposits are $100 to reserve kitten of your choice. This deposit does go toward the price of kitten.

While I do my best to breed quality and healthy Persian and Exotic Shorthair by carefully selecting some of the best bloodlines and breeding toward CFA breed standard,  I do occasionally get pet quality kittens that could have a longer nose (doll-face) or some other fault that prevent it to be a higher quality, therefore they are priced lower. But kittens that are closer to the breed standard are priced accordingly to quality and bloodlines $1100 and UP, as PETS. I've found that our prices are reasonable within my surrounding areas.

I take great pride in raising beautiful and healthy babies, I test for ALL diseases that are a well known with the Persian and Exotic Shorthair breed, and 100% reliable testing including PKD, PRA and HCM.

Please note, required information to register your kitten will be provided after proof of spay/neuter is received. 99% of my kittens are spayed/neutered before going home. If your kitten leaves our home already altered, we will provide all required information to register your kitten at the time of sale.

For prices and inquiries with breeding right please contact me.

Breeder/show quality kittens are available as pets but however understand that the cost of these kittens are higher price than that of a PET quality kitten.

At times, we do place kittens into small cageless breeding program, please contact for more information if wanting a kitten as a breeder/show.

We accept Credit Cards through PayPal (with 4% added to price) and postal money order for non-refundable deposit.. Balance due at pick-up. 

We on occasionally place kittens with show/breeder rights, but only if, in our opinion the kitten's quality is close to the breed standard.

Please keep in mind when searching for a new kitten! 

 Whenever we have a kitten that looks to be Show Quality, does not mean it is "Show Quality". I don't claim to have Show quality kittens and sell them as "Show Quality" nor "Breeder Quality", I do not believe in this. My kittens are judged based on the Breed standard too, not just my opinion just to get a higher price!

We reserve the right to spay and neuter any kitten not purchased for an approved breeding program - before they leave our home. NO exceptions! 

To Reserve a kitten now via Paypal click the "Scroll Button" below to pick the name of kitten you are wanting and then click the "Pay Now" Button to pay an deposit on the baby via Paypal. Paypal charges us everytime we accept payments through them, so price does  includes the Paypal fees.

By placing a deposit on any kitten, you are making a agreement to buy that kitten and have read/agrees with the terms of contract. Failure to complete the purchase for any reason; if you change your mind, decide that you do not want the kitten, or find that you cannot have a kitten, you will forfeit your deposit.

I am sorry but we do not hold kittens while waiting for deposits to arrive as we have many emailing/calling for the same kitten. The kitten will remain Available until a deposit is received and we accept paypal for a quick deposit to ensure you get the kitten of your choice.

 If the buyer for any reason decide to back out from purchase after receipt of deposit/money paid, buyer will forfeit all money paid.  We will not refund any money for any reason.  Please make sure you want kitty before sending any money.

Deposits will be considered payment for boarding grooming, cost to advertise and lost opportunities for placement.



Delivery Options if required:

I have been asked why Shipping is so expensive, it is basically because airlines doesn't allow shipping on Persian and Exotics any longer. So therefore, I personally deliver my kittens to airport OR I use a kitty nanny and then it is difficult to find a reliable kitty nanny and when I do, they ain't cheap. So it is normally $500 within USA.

The cost of shipping will covers the following:

Vet Office/Health Certificate and our gas to the Airport because we have to travel 3 hours (one way) to the Airport. and the cost that the kitty nanny charges. But I always explain to families, if you are able to travel and fly in to our Airport, will be gladly meet you at the airport for you to get your furr-baby!

I also offer to meet new family, for a delivery cost up to 3-4 hours.  I prefer this over shipping if you are willing to drive to pick-up your new kitten in person - that way I also get the chance to meet our furr-baby's new family. This is less stressful on kittens too!

Please note: 

 If the buyer for any reason decide to back out from purchase after receipt of deposit/money paid, buyer will forfeit all money paid.  We will not refund any money for any reason.  Please make sure you want kitty before sending any money.

I, the breeder reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.

I, the breeder have the right to back out of a sale/agreement at any time for any reason prior to placement.

All older kittens/reitred adult will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving.

If you see a baby you like on our Available Page, please feel free to email, text, or call us and ask any questions you may have.