Please click on one of the links on the side to go to the Shipping and Prices information. Also we will be adding what new owners will need before bringing home a new furrr-baby to add to the family!

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Planned Litter in Spring 2012

January 9, 2012
Our Planned Litters for Spring/Summer of 2012!

We are expecting to produce the following colors:


Shaded and Chinchilla Golden, Blue Golden and Silver

Solid White (Blue Eyed, Odd-Eyed and Copper-Eyed), Red, Cream, Black, Blue, Lilac and Chocolate

Red/white, Cream/white, Calico, Dilute Calico, Black/white and Blue/white 
Brown Tabby, Brown Tabby/White, Blue Tabby, and Blue Tabby/White 

We're now accepting names to be put on our waiting list to be notified when they arrive. 


Pre-Paid Waiting List

August 3, 2011
The Pre-Paid Deposit Program is for the new families that are searching to adopt a desired color and gender that we do not have available at the time of search but will produce the desired color and gender in the near future. New families can place a $50 deposit at anytime for a kitten from our upcoming litters.  Those with pre-paid deposits will be notified when new babies are here.

Benefits of being on our Pre-Paid Waiting List.

Kitten announcements and pictures will be posted on our page whe...
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For New Owners!

March 13, 2011

♥ Weekly Updates

We update our website weekly with photos of kittens and we also make videos of them once they begin to walk/play (between 3-4 weeks old).

We do this for the new family to watch there new baby grow while they're waiting for them to be ready to go to their new homes.

So please keep an eye on the "available" and "nursery" page for weekly photos of kittens!

I hope this is enjoyable for people and the kitties' new families!

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Pricing & Shipping

February 6, 2011
     Persian/Himalayans - Prices & Shipping Information

      Pet prices $1100-$2000 spayed/neutered.  
      Breeder/show prices: Please email for more information.  
      We will reserve a kitten with a $300 deposit unless we specify differently..
      We reserve the right to keep any kitten in any litter for ourselves. We reserve the right to refuse a sale on any kitten  at any time for any reason with no explanation required.

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